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Finding a celebrant who can match your sense of fun and humour means your ceremony will be memorable for you and all of your guests.

a little bit about Nicky Meale

Woo hoo … you’re engaged,,, huge congrats

Yes I know we don’t know each other (yet) but let me just tell you how excited I am for you

So if you’re on this website you’re probably at the early stages of planning your wedding .. it’s also cool if you have left your celebrant search to the last minute ..

JUST remember that a celebrant must lodge your intent to marry 30 days prior to the BIG DAY

Download Form: Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM)

so you’ve got your to-do list…

and it just seems to be never-ending! Don’t worry I’ve got you…

You’re weighing up your budget, your parents are hassling you to invite aunty Betty and Uncle Bob that you haven’t seen since you were in primary school and everything might be getting a little too much!!

Don’t stress, breathe.

It’s all going to be OK.

Guess what?

You’re going to be marrying your best friend and that’s all that matters.

yes, i am an authorised marriage celebrant

but, i am so much more.

I am here for you from the very beginning of the planning process, helping and guiding you in all the preparation for your ceremony.

I can assist in all aspects to deliver the vibe you want to create.

You want a low-key do? –  I’m all about that.

You want something completely OTT? – Girl I got you.

This is why I got into this gig – I simply love weddings, whatever the style.

BUT what’s more, I LOVE LOVE – I am all about the love.

From the look on your partner’s face when they see you walking down the aisle, to your Granny getting all emotional from the front row or even your kids beaming with happiness, as they have wanted this day to happen for the longest time.

My favourite ceremonies to conduct would be the ones that are filled with family, friends and fun

my main job as a celebrant is to create an experience that you and your loved ones will never forget.

how i can work with you…

  • Weddings
  • Renewing Vows
  • Baby Naming Ceremony

spread love everywhere you go


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