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Nicky Meale – marriage celebrant

Hi You, 

Thanks for dropping by …

So glad we found each other

Considering you’re on a Celebrants website, I am assuming you’re looking for a celebrant for your upcoming Wedding or maybe a Baby Naming or, maybe you’re celebrating a huge wedding milestone and looking to Renew Your Vows. 

Whatever the occasion, let me start by saying a MASSIVE & HUGE CONGRATS… its all very exciting

I am a self-appointed LOVE AMBASSADOR; hence I do this gig. I just LOVE love… I know, I know, you’re probably like GAK! YUCK! But let me just add that you wouldn’t be sniffing around here if it wasn’t for love… Am I right?

So, let’s start from the top – don’t worry I will make this short and painless.

As much as I love a good yarn, I do understand that your time is precious and you can’t waste it on reading the back story of probably the Upteenth celebrant you’ve checked out. So, I just want to make it a little easier on you and you can decide if I am your person or not.


So yes, I am a Mumma first – a Mum and Step mum to 5 amazing kids ranging from 22 – 12 years old. This is the first and foremost reason I started this adventure and entered into the wedding world.

The eldest three have now flown the coup and are now doing this thing called life, finding their own way in the world. The younger two Skye and Abbi live with Pete (my partner of 9 years) and myself. We’ve had our ups and downs just like any family – but as a blended family, we’ve definitely learned and grown together.

I love being a fun Mum that doesn’t always follow the rules and struggles with what’s appropriate Mum behaviour! The kids all know that they can come to me with anything, ANYTHING – I do not judge. And, I guess that’s what makes me perfect for this Celebrant role – I can be thrown any kind of situation and I will run with it.

I am also a Doggo Mumma of two cheeky, yet absolutely adorable Chihuahuas, Daisy and Rocco – we love our rat dogs. They’re very loved by the whole family and just quietly sometimes I love them more than the humans – just saying (wink wink)!

Ok, so next I want to introduce the absolute love of my life and light of my heart (most of the time). My Partner Pete. We met when I was probably in one of the challenging times of my life. Abbi, Skye and I had left their dad and the family home about 18 months prior, and I was just drifting and keeping my head above water and trying my damndest to be a good Mum to my girls.

Its always the way though isn’t it – I wasn’t looking for anyone. I definitely wasn’t looking for another relationship BUT Pete appeared out of left field and we very quickly became inseparable. We merged the kids together every other week. We dealt with bitter exes. We have travelled. We have laughed – we do a lot of that. And, now we have bought a house together on the Central Coast and really and truly are living our best life.

It was actually Pete, who one day came home from a Funeral and said & I quote –  “You know I was at this funeral and I was watching the Celebrant give the ceremony and I thought to myself this would be perfect for Nic”. So, he planted the seed… I looked into some celebrant courses and found Rose Training online – an AMAZING team who put up with my endless questions.

My love for weddings isn’t a hobby, it’s an addiction.

I am always bursting with energy and excitement for your wedding day.

Wedding celebrant marriage ceremony

So now fast forward a couple of years and I have been part of over 20 weddings and counting. I have found my calling and other than being a mother I have found the reason I’ve been put on this planet.

I have found some good use for my expert level of “Stanger Talking” – an endearing term Pete uses about my superpower of talking to complete strangers. I LOVE it … I LOVE people.

We’re a peculiar species but the best thing is we are all unique and special in our own way and that’s what makes this crazy world go round. I am just lucky enough to live in the lovey-dovey wishy-washy part of that world… and I don’t plan on going anywhere soon    

SOOOO… in saying ALL that and if you have made it this far and haven’t thrown your computer/phone/tablet out the window in complete frustration of my craziness – then, I thank you and we are probably somewhat similar and aligned.

I am all about the FUN, the LOVE, the DRAMA, the HUMOUR…

my next level extra-ness allows me to execute amazing ceremonies. Full of emotion, excitement and sentiment.

I really and truly love what I do and it absolutely and positively shows through my work as an Authorised Marriage Celebrant.

Ok well that’s enough from me … I really do hope we get to meet in person … have a GREAT rest of the day and CHAT SOON



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I am happy to attend rehearsals and pre-wedding meetings and to answer any questions you may have about the ceremony and process along the way.

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